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General Information

general1Private psychologists are here to help you with a variety of psychological issues that you may face.  Some psychologists have specific areas of focus while others are more general in their practice.  You do not need a referral to see a psychologist in private practice, although letting your family doctor know can help continuity of care.

Publically funded psychologist services are very limited in Alberta.  Often, in order to receive timely and effective services, individuals seek out  private services of psychologists.  There are various ways that you can pay for these services.  Often, an individual or family will have employer provided insurance that has a defined allocation of funds for psychological and therapy services.  Alternatively, a health spending account may also allow for psychological services to be paid for.  Both of these options depend upon your plan and fund allocation so please check with your employer or insurance provider for details that relate to your situation.  Others chose to pay out of pocket for services, budgeting for a certain amount per month much the same way they budget for gas or food.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Cash, or Cheques as payment for services.

In the event that your schedule changes or something comes up, and because the time we book is for you, we ask that you provide a minimum of 48 hours notice of cancellation of appointments.  Within 48 hours, the hourly rate may be charged.  Please note your insurance company’s policy on reimbursement for missed sessions as most companies do not reimburse if an appointment was missed.


  • We understand that unforeseen events come up and sometimes, plans change.  If you are unable to keep your appointment, we ask that you call and provide at least 48 hour notice.
  • The appointment time is your time.  If you would like another person to accompany you, please let us know in advance.
  • You do not need a referral to see a psychologist in private practice.

Paying for services

  • Health benefits coverage
  • Health spending account
  • Personally prioritized & financed

We ask that you make arrangements to pay for services at time of service provision.  If you are unable, please discuss this with us in advance.

Please note that Insurance companies will often not cover the cost of missed appointments.